Thursday 12/10; Tuesday (17/10)  ;  Saturday ( 21/10); Thursday ( 16/11);

Tuesday (21/11) ; Thursday ( 7/12); Saturday ( 16/12); Thursday (28/12).

Open duration: 1hour 30 mins.    Open: 10h30’  Close: 12h00’.

- Ticket fare: 400.000 VNĐ /1 ticket/1 person.

Price: 20000

30/11/2018 , 10:30 - Friday
Hanoi Opera House, No. 1 Tràng Tiền Str., Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Part 1: Visit the theatre

-   History and architecture style of the theatre.

-   Main hall, staircase, auditorium...

-   Visit the Hanoi  Opera House

-   Original hand drafts by French architects

-   Welcome at Mirror room with tea, learn about the bullet shot traces in December 1946, major events happened at Quang truong Cach mang thang Tam (August Revolutionary Square) from early twentieth century to the present.

-   Experience seating at VIP row for Heads of State when watching a show;

-   3rd floor with showrooms for:

+ Building materials and theatre decorations from the early twentieth century.

+ Introduction of the restoration process of the theatre in 1995.

+ Exhibit of documentaries, photographs of the old theatre and the events taking place inside and outside Hanoi  Opera House.


Part 2: Watching the art performances

The art program “Hon Viet” (Vietnamese Soul) including the excellent traditional selected art items performed by talented artists.

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